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Give us a call at

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Let's discover Berlin together!


Frequently Asekd Questions

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Please find the answers to your most common questions below.

Questions regarding the registration

Are seminar places still available?

As long as it is not clearly stated on the homepage of the respective seminar that the seminar is fully booked, there are still places available and you can register at any time. After the registration deadline, you will see on the homepage how many remaining places are still available – as long as they are some available you can still register.

When do I have to register?

You can sign up at any time. Keep in mind, however, that the number of participants is limited because of the seminar room and the group size for guided tours. If you are applying for a state educational grant, sign up only after you have received it.

Questions regarding the City Explorer Seminar

What qualifications do I need?

None – everyone can sign up for our seminar. Of course, if your native language is not German, you must remember that the lessons are in German. The conversation between the participants, with the lecturers and with us in the office can also be partially in English. In our seminars, there are many participants whose mother tongue is not German – many use the seminar in order to get to know Berlin as well as to improve their knowledge of German in exchange with other participants.

Which age groups and nationalities attend the seminar?

Of course, everyone is welcome. Experience shows that participants are between their early 30s and their early 60s. Many participants come from other countries of the EU and are often new in town. Especially this broad group of participants makes the exchange with each other and Berlin exciting.

Do I have to speak in front of people?

No. In contrast to the Tour Guide Seminar, you can participate in the City Explorer Seminar only as a listener. Anyone who is keen on actively involving themselves is welcomed to offer their own presentations and guided tours as well as suggestions for excursions that we would like to integrate into our program.

Questions regarding the tour guide seminar

What qualifications do I need?

Everyone can register for our Tour Guide Seminar, provided that you have a good general education. If your native language is not German, you must be able to follow the German language instruction. Alternatively, you can take the final exam in English. In our seminar there are numerous participants whose native language is not German.

Is it reccomendabele to attend the two seminars at the same time or one after the other?

We recommend that you attend both seminars at the same time. These are optimally matched in terms of both content and time and enable you to obtain your certificate as a tour guide compactly, efficiently and quickly. Only if you are not sure whether you would like to take up the profession or if you want to divide your financial and time resources over a longer period of time, we recommend that you first visit the City Explorer Seminar and in the following year the Tour Guide Seminar.

Can I schedule the seminar, even though I am working?

Many seminar participants work full-time. In addition to the appointments that take place on Monday and Wednesday evenings, the appointments for guided tours are agreed upon with all participants at the beginning of the seminar. Depending on the individual time availability, these tours can take place on any day of the week – including the weekend. In order to receive a certificate of attendance, you must attend at least 50% of the events. If you cannot attend some of the lectures and activities this causes no problem – the handed out seminar documents can be viewed online at any time.

Can I become a member of the Association of Berlin Tour Guides?

The tourist guide association is a voluntary representation of interests and can determine their own regulations for membership. Several of our former seminar participants are members of the association.

Do I need a professional liability insurance?

As soon as you offer your own guided tours, you should take out professional indemnity insurance which are offered by all major insurance and cost around 5 to 15 euros per month.

Will I receive job assignments from you following the training?

If you would like to take on job assignments for guided tours from us, we will gladly accept your interest. However, tour assignments are made at our discretion and as needed. We have been cooperating with many former seminar participants for many years.

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