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Let's discover Berlin together!


Tour Guide Seminar

Stadtführer Ausbildung Gästefüher Ausbildung Sightseeing Point

Do you enjoy working with people? Do you love Berlin and you want others to exicted about our city as you are? Are you looking for a new career perspective? Then we offer you the opportunity to become a certified tour guide. The training is designed with a practical orientation and is complemented by numerous guided tours and excursions. The seminar will be held in German. However, you can choose that the language of the tours given by yourselve during the training as well as the final exam to obtain the certificate is English.

The certificate is provided with the DIN seal, which proves the conformity of the training with the EU standard DIN EN 15565.

Become a certified tour guide!

The certification according to the EU standard DIN EN 15565 is the most qualified professional qualification that you can acquire as a city guide.

We offer you:
* Training as tour guide with certification and thus proof of professional qualification
* Absolutely practical training, as we are also one of the big agencies for city tours in Berlin
* Assistance in the process of obtaining the state educational grant
* Certificate with the DIN seal, which proves the conformity of the training with the EU standard DIN EN 15565 (Berlin region)
* In case of suitability and need, there is the possibility of conducting city tours for our company after completing the tour guide training

The training as a tour guide includes:

* The required professional knowledge
* The ability to lead groups
* Speech and communication training
* Practical tours on foot and in the bus
* Knowledge of the profession of a tour guide

The contents are developed through lectures, presentations, guided tours, self-study and excursions. This makes the lessons practical, varied and exciting.

The seminar aims to ensure that participants are able to do the following after the seminar has been finished, followed by examination and certification:

* Conduct walking tours and bus tours through all inner city districts
* Guided tours by bike and on the ship
* Preparation of self-developed tours
* Planning and organization of guided tours
* Getting familiar with marketing, accounting and legislation related to guided tours

Your path to the certificate

You must attend both: the City Explorer and the Tour Guide Seminar and then take an exam.

Ideally, you register for both seminars at the same time. These seminars are optimally coordinated in terms of content and time. In this occasion you can get your certificate already within 8 months of training. If you are not sure yet if you would like to take up the profession or if you would like to spread the time or financial resources over a longer period of time, or if you would like to practice your German first, you can also register for the City Explorer Seminar first and take the Tour Guide Seminar the subsequent year.

On the other hand, if you are already a city guide with many years of professional experience in Berlin, you may, under certain circumstances, only visit the Tour Guide Seminar. In this case, please contact us by phone or email.

You can arrange the date for the final exam individually after completing the Tour Guide Seminar. The exam can also be done in English. The examination fee is a one-time charge of € 190 incl. VAT.

seminar details

The seminar language is GERMAN.
Tours you give yourself for practice can be given in German or English.
The language of the final exam to obtain the certificate can be in German or English.

Seminar Duration:
October 21, 2020 until April 30, 2021

Date and Time:
* 8 lectures Monday 6pm – 9pm
* Conduct and participate in walking tours through inner city districts
* Conduct and participate in guided tours by minivan and coach

The lectures take place in the seminar room at Lehrter Str. 12 (near Berlin central station).
Guided tours are arranged in consultation with all seminar participants.

Seminar fee:
€ 99 incl. VAT, payable monthly between October 2020 and April 2021

* You can register at any time – due to the seminar room and the guided tours, however, the number of participants is limited
* Registration deadline is October 11, 2020 – registration after the deadline is possible if there are still remaining places
* If you apply for an education state educational grant, you should sign up only after you have received it

To register click on the yellow “register now” button on this page.

Information as a pdf document

Here you will find all seminar details summarized in a pdf-document, which you can save and print – this information sheet is in German:
Information Stadtführer-Seminar →

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